Jeffrey Ard

My name is Jeffrey Ard. I have worked in various construction trades since my teenage years. From helping lay bricks to most recently being an HVAC technician, I've always enjoyed the industry. I became a licensed home inspector for the chance to serve new home owners and those who make their living selling real estate in a personal, hands on way.

I take pride in my work and knowing that every report I write will be comprehensive and accurate. My clients can expect me to always be courteous and professional. I will always be available after the inspection for any questions or concerns.

I look forward to working with you soon!


Our Process

Are you ready to have your new home inspected, but are wondering how it all works? We have streamlined

and refined the entire process to be as easy and straightforward as possible for you.

Mobile Phone

Initial Quote

inspection pricing varies based on the services needed by the client and other variables.

These include adding pools/spas to the inspection and the size of the home among others.

click here for a price list of available services or call (850) 449-1184 for more information


Inspection of Home

We will schedule your appointment after you've received all the information and agreed to let us serve your home inspection needs. A home inspection can take several hours to complete when done properly. Many photos and notes will be taken in order to prepare a complete and accurate report.

Report Generated

A detailed, multi-page report of the home inspection will then be prepared by the inspector. Most clients receive a digital copy of the home inspection report the same day. Printed copies can be provided as well depending on your needs.

Working from Home

Report In Hand

You now have all the information about the condition of the home collected by the inspector. This is the end of the inspection process for some.

In some cases there are items that are listed for correction in the report. If desired, the inspector can return to inspect the items again once they've been corrected for an additional service fee.


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